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Sample Fiberglass Laminator Job Description - Employee Duties

Job Title

Fiberglass Laminator

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Laminates layers of fiberglass on molds to form boat decks hulls, or fiberglass bodies of golf carts.

2) Selects precut fiberglass mat, cloth and woodbracing materials, according to model number of boat or golf cart.

3) Places layers of mat & cloth in mold smooths out wrinkles by hand.

4) Trims excess material from mold, using hand shears.

5) Mixes catalyst into resin and saturates cloth mat with mixture, using brush.

6) Works saturated mat and cloth into shape of mold with hands and squeegee, to remove air bubbles smooth surfaces.

7) Bonds wood reinforcing strips to deck cabin structures, using resin-saturated fiberglass.

8) Cuts hardened fiberglass from mold with trimming knife.

9) May specialize in molding part of boat be designated Deck Molder ship-boat mfg. ; Hull Molder ship-boat mfg. .

10) May install stringers flooring in hull [Overlay Plastician ship-boat mfg. 806.684-106].

11) May spray chopped fiberglass, resin, and catalyst on mold, using pneumatic spray gun with chopper attachment.

12) May remove hulls decks from mold [Hull And Deck Remover ship-boat mfg. 809.667-010].

13) May inspect, clean, and assemble molds prior to start of work.

14) May apply wax to surface of mold to facilitate assembly removal of laminated parts.

15) May apply resin to surfaces of mold prior to placement of fiberglass mats..

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