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This mortician job description sample will help you to create a basic job description for employees that includes career duties and responsibilities required. View our simple job description example for mortician.

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1) Consult with families or friends of the deceased to arrange funeral details, like obituary notice wording, casket selection, or plans for services.

2) Obtain information needed to complete legal documents, like death certificates or burial permits.

3) Oversee the preparation care of the remains of people who have died.

4) Contact cemeteries to schedule the opening closing of graves.

5) Provide information on funeral service options, products, or merchandise maintain a casket display area.

6) Offer counsel comfort to bereaved families or friends.

7) Close caskets lead funeral corteges to churches or burial sites.

8) Arrange for clergy members to perform needed services.

9) Provide or arrange transportation between sites for the remains, mourners, pallbearers, clergy, or flowers.

10) Perform embalming duties as necessary.

11) Direct preparations shipment of bodies for out-of-state burial.

12) Discuss negotiate prearranged funerals with clients.

13) Inform survivors of benefits for which they may be eligible.

14) Maintain financial records, order merchandise, or prepare accounts.

15) Plan placement of caskets at funeral sites or place or adjust lights, fixtures, or floral displays.

16) Arrange for pallbearers or inform pallbearers or honorary groups of their duties.

17) Receive or usher people to their seats for services.

18) Plan, schedule, or coordinate funerals, burials, or cremations, arranging details like floral delivery or the time place of services.

19) Manage funeral home operations, including the hiring, training, or supervision of embalmers, funeral attendants, or other staff.

20) Clean funeral home facilities grounds.

21) Participate in community activities for funeral home promotion or other purposes.

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