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Honing Machine Set Up Operator Tool Job Description Example

Job Description Example:
Honing Machine Set Up Operator Tool Job Description Template
This honing machine set up operator tool job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Honing Machine Set Up Operator Tool

Position Summary:

1) Sets up and operates vertical or horizontal honing machine to hone internal or external surfaces of metal objects, like prototype cylinders, bearings, or connecting rods, usually on custom basis, analyzing specifications selecting tooling according to knowledge of honing procedures.

2) Studies blueprint to visualize honing to be done plans sequence of operations.

3) Positions workpiece in fixture or on machine table and secures it with clamps & wrenches, verifying positions with instruments, like surface gauges dial indicators.

4) Selects feed rate, honing speed, depth of cut, and honing tool for each operation, according to knowledge of metal properties, abrasives, and shop mathematics.

5) Positions secures tool in spindle.

6) Moves controls to position tool in relation to workpiece and to set feed rate spindle speed.

7) Turns nut on tool or sets automatic mechanism to expand tool to selected diameter.

8) Positions tightens stops with wrench to control length of stroke.

9) Starts machine turns handwheels to feed tool to workpiece.

10) Engages automatic mechanism to feed tool along workpiece with oscillating action.

11) Turns valve handle and directs flow of coolant against tool workpiece.

12) Measures honed workpiece for conformance to specifications, using electromechanical limit gauges, surface gauges, micrometers, and telescoping gauges.

13) May use special optical inspection equipment.

14) May replace worn honing stones.

15) May be required to have experience with particular material or product or with machine of particular size, type, or trade name be designated accordingly..

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