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Childcare Worker Job Description

Childcare Worker Job Description Template
This childcare worker job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Childcare Worker

Position Summary:

1) Care for children in institutional setting, like group homes, nursery schools, private businesses, or schools for the handicapped.

2) Sanitize toys play equipment.

3) Discipline children and recommend or initiate other measures to control behavior, like caring for own clothing and picking up toys books.

4) Identify signs of emotional or developmental problems in children bring them to parents or guardians attention.

5) Observe monitor childrens play activities.

6) Keep records on individual children, including daily observations information about activities, meals served, and medications administered.

7) Instruct children in health personal habits, like eating, resting, and toilet habits.

8) Read to children teach them simple painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs.

9) Organize and store toys materials to make sure order in activity areas.

10) Operate in-house day-care centers within businesses.

11) Sterilize bottles prepare formulas.

12) Dress children change diapers.

13) Help children with homework school work.

14) Perform housekeeping duties, like laundry, cleaning, dish washing, and changing of linens.

15) Accompany children to from school, on outings, and to medical appointments.

16) Place or hoist children into baths or pools.

17) Maintain a safe play environment.

18) Communicate with childrens parents or guardians about daily activities, behaviors, and related issues.

19) Assist in preparing food and serving meals refreshments to children.

20) Create developmentally appropriate lesson plans.

21) Regulate childrens rest periods.

22) Perform general administrative tasks, like taking attendance, editing internal paperwork, and making phone calls.

23) Organize and participate in recreational activities and outings, like games field trips.

24) Provide care for mentally disturbed, delinquent, or handicapped children.

25) Perform general personnel functions, like supervision, training, and scheduling.

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