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Shipwright Job Description

This sample shipwright job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Constructs or repairs ships, following blueprints or ships plans.

2) Sights, plots and marks reference points lines on building dock or shipway to maintain alignment of vessel during construction or repair, using transit, plumb bob, tapes and levels.

3) Builds keel & bilge blocks, cradles and shoring for supporting ships in drydock, marine railways, shipways, or building docks, using woodworking handtools power tools.

4) Positions and secures blocking other structures on dock platform, according to ships blueprints.

5) Aligns vessel over blocks [Dock Hand ].

6) Establishes reference points and lines on ships hull for locating machinery and other equipment, in accordance with ships alignment shape.

7) Fabricates installs furring pieces, aprons, uprights, and other wood framing in ship.

8) Shapes, finishes, and installs wooden spars, masts, and cargo boat booms.

9) Trims wooden frames and other timbers, using broadax adz.

10) Spikes or bolts metal fittings, plates, and bulkheads to wooden parts of ship, using brace bits, augers, mauls, and wrenches..

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