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Track Inspector Job Description

This sample track inspector job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Inspects railroad roadbed equipment to detect damage, wear, or defective equipment requiring repair.

2) Observes condition of roadbed from railcar.

3) Stops car examines switches, fishplates and rails to detect damaged, worn, or defective equipment, loose bolts and rotted ties.

4) Manually operates switches to define that they are in operating condition.

5) Inspects signals track wiring to define continuity of electrical connections.

6) Walks along track to observe condition of roadbed, noting looseness of ballast to define if it requires repacking.

7) Directs section crews to repair or replace defective equipment or to reballast roadbed.

8) Inspects completed work to verify that repairs conform to governmental regulations.

9) Prepares reports, indicating equipment or roadbed in need of repair, location, nature of damage, and repairs made by section crew..

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