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Customs House Broker Job Description

Customs House Broker Job Description Template
This customs house broker job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Customs House Broker

Position Summary:

1) Prepares compiles documents required by federal government for discharge of foreign cargo at domestic port to serve as intermediary between importers, merchant shipping companies, airlines, railroads, trucking companies, pipeline operators, and the United States Customs Service.

2) Prepares entry papers from shippers invoice in accordance with U.S.

3) Customs Service regulations and regulations of other federal agencies bearing on importation of goods, like Environmental Protection Agency Food And Drug Administration.

4) Files papers with Customs Service arranges for payment of duties.

5) Quotes duty rates on goods to be imported, based on knowledge of federal tariffs excise taxes.

6) Prepares papers for shippers desiring to appeal duty charges imposed by Customs Service.

7) Provides for storage of imported goods for transportation of imported goods from port to final destination.

8) May register foreign ships with U.S.

9) Treasury Department or operate under corporate license granted to employer by Treasury Department..

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