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Chemical Laboratory Technician Job Description

This sample chemical laboratory technician job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Chemical Laboratory Technician

Position Summary:

1) Conducts chemical and physical laboratory tests of solid materials, liquids, and gases, and analyzes test data for variety of purposes, like research, product development, quality control, criminal investigation, and establishing standards, involving experimental, theoretical, or practical application of chemistry related sciences.

2) Sets up laboratory equipment instrumentation required for tests, research, or process control.

3) Tests analyzes products, such as food, drugs, fertilizers, plastics, paints, detergents, paper, petroleum and cement, to determine strength, stability, purity, chemical content and other characteristics.

4) Tests and analyzes materials substances, like ores, minerals, gases, soil, water, and pollutants.

5) Documents results of tests analyses.

6) May prepare chemical solutions for use in processing materials, following standardized formulas or experimental procedures.

7) May test and analyze radioactive biological materials, applying knowledge of radiochemical procedures, emission spectrometry, and related techniques..

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