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Terminal Superintendent Job Description

Find terminal superintendent career job description sample (ex. 2462), position duties, work roles and responsibilities example. For related employment contract sample click here.

Terminal Superintendent Job Description

Terminal superintendent

Main job roles (career tasks):

1) Manages operations of freight terminal to load discharge ships cargoes.

2) Studies ships manifests to define whether cargo should be stored in transit sheds or on wharves to define what equipment is needed to handle cargo.

3) Notifies Superintendent, Stevedoring to assign workers to jobs arrange dock space for freight.

4) Computes cost of operations for tonnage handled.

5) Directs purchase of cargo-handling gear and maintenance of terminal company equipment.

6) May order railroad cars or hire trucks tractors for transporting freight from docks.

7) When working with company whose terminal has piers located at different places, may be designated Superintendent, Pier .

8) May direct operations at container terminal be designated Superintendent, Container Terminal ..

* Other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - terminal superintendent - position.


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