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Food And Beverage Manager Job Description (#25436)

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Find food and beverage manager career job description sample (ex. 25436), position duties, work roles and responsibilities example. For navigating more related samples view food and beverage manager job descriptions examples .

Food And Beverage Manager Job Description (#25436)

Food And Beverage Manager Job Description (#25436)

Food and beverage manager

Main job roles (career tasks):

1) Achieve sales goals while maintaining cost control profitability.

2) Ensure member guest service standards are consistently met or exceeded.

3) Hiring, training developing hospitality-focused team members.

4) Develop initiatives to build member/guest check averages.

5) Limit turnover costs by creating a positive rewarding work environment.

6) Utilize all forecasting systems for food production, inventory, labor scheduling.

7) Manage the performance of the executive chef to drive efficient execution of all kitchen operations.

8) Oversee development and training of kitchen staff ensuring active coaching by the chef team.

9) Ensure thorough training and communication of all food beverage departments.

* Other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - food and beverage manager - position.

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