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Knocker Off Job Description Template
This job description template example for knocker off will help you to know the main job duties and responsibilities required to post a job or create a profile. View our simple 'knocker off job description' template example.

Knocker Off Job Description Template Example

Job Title

Knocker Off


1) Removes excess material from prescored cardboard carton blanks, performing any combination of following duties.

2) Strips waste from blanks stacked on pallet, using airhammer chisel.

3) Places edge of chisel on cutting mark at top of stack pushes hammer down through stack to remove excess material.

4) Places stack of precut blanks on worktable strikes edge with hammer to knock out scored corners or edges.

5) Places stack of trimmed blanks on worktable brushes edges of stack with steel brush or sandpaper.

6) Removes damaged or defective blanks.

7) Strikes flap edges with hammer to bend flaps.

8) Piles smoothed blanks on pallet removes to storage area, using handtruck..

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