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Dispersion Mixer Job Description Template
This dispersion mixer job description sample will help you to create a basic job description for employees that includes career duties and responsibilities required. View our simple job description example for dispersion mixer.

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Job Title

Dispersion Mixer

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Tends mixing machines that blend solid liquid ingredients to make products, like paints, lacquers, putty, paint pigments, and binders, following formula.

2) Turns valves or sets pump meters to admit specified amounts of liquids, like oils, solvents and water into mixer.

3) Weighs dumps specified amounts of dry ingredients, like plastic flash, color concentrates and resins into mixer, as indicated on batch ticket, or dumps preweighed ingredients into tank.

4) Pushes or pulls tank to dispersion mixing machine.

5) Depresses pedal to lower mixing blades into tank and presses button to start blades revolving to mix disperse ingredients.

6) Turns valves to drain batch through hoses into pebble or ball mill or into holding tank.

7) Draws sample from batch for laboratory test adds ingredients to mixture as specified by laboratory.

8) May clean equipment, using rags, solvent, and scraper.

9) May be designated according to product mixed as Glass Enamel Mixer paint and varnish ; Lacquer Blender paint and varnish ; Paint Maker paint and varnish ; Paste Mixer paint & varnish ; Pigment Mixer paint & varnish ; Putty Maker paint varnish ..

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