Home Energy Consultant Supervisor Job Description

This home energy consultant supervisor job description sample helps you to know the main job duties and responsibilities required to post a job or create a profile. View our simple career example.

Sample Home Energy Consultant Supervisor Job Description Profile

Job Title

Home Energy Consultant Supervisor


1) Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in performing domestic-energy-consumption audits for customers of public .

2) Confers with customers utility representatives to define customer needs, appointment times, availability of representatives and scheduling conflicts.

3) Reschedules energy audits accordingly.

4) Reads federal program guidelines, journals, and related reports to ascertain federal program requirements recent developments concerning energy conservation techniques.

5) Attends energy seminars, staff meetings, and training sessions to assess effectiveness of energy audit program.

6) Suggests to management changes in brochures, community workshops, or audit procedures to improve community acceptance.

7) Prepares written reports that reflect assessment of program and submits them to management department officials.

8) Performs other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title..

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