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This derrick worker well service job description sample will help you to create a basic job description for employees that includes career duties and responsibilities required. View our simple job description example for derrick worker well service.

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Job Title

Derrick Worker Well Service

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Operates power hoist in truck-mounted, pulling-machine derrick to transfer rod sections to from derrick racks to rod lifting clamps as sections are removed or returned to oil well.

2) Climbs ladder attached to side of derrick to rod platform.

3) Presses rod hoist control pedal on rod platform to lower rod transfer device rod bottle to proximity of rod sections suspended in derrick.

4) Attaches transfer device to rod sections releases pedal to raise rod sections for disconnection of rod lifting clamp rod elevator .

5) Unlatches lifting clamp presses pedal to lower rod sections while manually guiding sections into rod holding slots attached to derrick.

6) Descends derrick ladder to tubing platform fastens safety belt to prepare to transfer tubing sections.

7) Disconnects lifting clamp tubing elevators from tubing sections that have been raised into derrick, disconnected from subsequent sections in wellhole, and lowered onto ground racking board.

8) Guides tubing sections into slots of tubing rack to stand sections in derrick.

9) Guides tubing sections from tubing rack slots to tubing platform attaches lifting clamp to sections after defective tubing is replaced, casing repaired, or other oil well service performed.

10) Aligns tubing sections perpendicularly over wellhole to assist in connection of tubing sections prevent damage to threads of sections.

11) Unfastens safety belt climbs ladder to rod platform to prepare to transfer rod sections.

12) Presses rod control pedal to lower rod transfer device to rods in holding slots.

13) Attaches device to rod sections releases pedal to lift rod sections from holding slots.

14) Guides sections over wellhole presses pedal to lower sections to wellhole for connection to rods in wellhole.

15) Connects lifting clamp to rod sections disconnects transfer device.

16) Periodically turns adjustment screw on rod hoist control stand to regulate power of hoist.

17) Occasionally operates pump to circulate fluid or mud into wellhole.

18) Occasionally connects oil well head attachments, loads tools, and performs similar duties..

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