Usher Head Job Description

This usher head job description sample helps you to know the main job duties and responsibilities required to post a job or create a profile. View our simple job description for usher head example.

Sample Usher Head Job Description Profile

Job Title

Usher Head


1) Supervises and coordinates activities of Ushers amuse. and rec. at entertainment events directs patrons to area of seat location.

2) Directs Ushers amuse. and rec. in job duties assigns to work stations.

3) Directs patrons to area of seat location according to information on ticket stubs.

4) Resolves complaints of patrons.

5) Coordinates activities in emergencies like fights or fires.

6) May hire and discharge Ushers amuse. rec. .

7) May keep records of workers time..

Report to

[ Position, Name or None ]

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