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Health Club Manager Job Description

This sample health club manager job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in planning, selling, and instructing fitness plans for clients of health club.

2) Assigns adjusts work schedules to meet customer demand.

3) Interviews, hires and trains new employees.

4) Observes workers in performance of duties and gives remedial training to correct worker deficiencies ensure courteous service to patrons.

5) Plans sells figure-controlling programs to prospective patrons.

6) Assists subordinates in interviewing, measuring, and evaluating patrons physical condition to define appropriate fitness program.

7) Prepares contract forms, obtains signatures, collects deposits, and issues membership cards to patrons accepting plans.

8) Demonstrates operation and explains purpose of equipment, like treadmill exerciser stationary bicycle, and instructs patrons in their use.

9) Monitors patrons exercise program to make sure adherence to specified techniques..

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