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Artist Woodblock Job Description Template
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Job Title

Artist Woodblock

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Carves designs and lettering in wooden blocks or rollers used to print articles, like cloth, greeting cards, and posters following sketch or photograph, using gravers handtools machines.

2) Traces or draws design on wooden block or roller, using pencil, ruler, dividers, or pantograph.

3) Cuts design in block or roller, using wood-carving & engraving tools power router.

4) Rounds and bevels top edges, smooths sides and base, and cuts sharp angles, ridges, and joints to produce detail in printing and to finish type, using file knife.

5) Carves separate block for each color of multicolor pattern.

6) May design pattern for use in cloth printing.

7) May carve lettering designs freehand.

8) May cut bend metal strips to conform to contours of design, using files, pliers, and pincers, and force strips into grooves of block to produce raised printing surface.

9) May operate copy camera to produce negative from photograph or drawing of design [Reproduction Technician any industry 976.361-010]..

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