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Drier Unloader Job Description Template
This drier unloader job description sample will help you to create a basic job description for employees that includes career duties and responsibilities required. View our simple job description example for drier unloader.

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Job Title

Drier Unloader

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Operates transfer car to move carloads of pipe and boiler covering moldings from driers to work storage areas.

2) Presses button to raise door of drier.

3) Pulls pushes carloads of moldings along track out of drier to loading platform.

4) Weighs moldings for moisture content compares weight to wall chart.

5) Places wet moldings onto car to be returned to drier.

6) Pushes car of dry moldings onto transfer car.

7) Operates transfer car to move moldings to production departments or storage.

8) Records identification number of each car removed from each drier on production sheet.

9) May tend machine that automatically cuts boiler moldings to specified size packages moldings..

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