Office And Administrative Support Worker First Line Supervisor Job Description

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Sample Office And Administrative Support Worker First Line Supervisor Job Description Profile

Job Title

Office And Administrative Support Worker First Line Supervisor


1) Resolve customer complaints or answer customers questions regarding policies procedures.

2) Provide employees with guidance in handling difficult or complex problems or in resolving escalated complaints or disputes.

3) Implement corporate or departmental policies, procedures, and service standards in conjunction with management.

4) Discuss job performance problems with employees to identify causes and issues to work on resolving problems.

5) Train or instruct employees in job duties or company policies or arrange for training to be provided.

6) Evaluate employees job performance and conformance to regulations recommend appropriate personnel action.

7) Review records or reports pertaining to activities like production, payroll, or shipping to verify details, monitor work activities, or evaluate performance.

8) Recruit, interview, and select employees.

9) Interpret and communicate work procedures company policies to staff.

10) Prepare issue work schedules, deadlines, and duty assignments for office or administrative staff.

11) Maintain records pertaining to inventory, personnel, orders, supplies, or machine maintenance.

12) Compute figures like balances, totals, or commissions.

13) Research, compile, and prepare reports, manuals, correspondence, or other information required by management or governmental agencies.

14) Coordinate activities with other supervisory personnel or with other work units or departments.

15) Analyze financial activities of establishments or departments and provide input into budget planning preparation processes.

16) Develop or update procedures, policies, or standards.

17) Make recommendations to management concerning such issues as staffing decisions or procedural changes.

18) Consult with managers or other personnel to resolve problems in areas like equipment performance, output quality, or work schedules.

19) Participate in the work of subordinates to facilitate productivity or to overcome difficult aspects of work.

20) Design, implement, or evaluate staff training development programs, customer service initiatives, or performance measurement criteria.

21) Develop work schedules according to budgets workloads.

22) Monitor inventory levels requisition or purchase supplies as needed.

23) Discuss work problems or grievances with union representatives.

24) Plan for or coordinate office services, like equipment or supply acquisition or organization, disposal of assets, relocation, parking, maintenance, or security services.

25) Arrange for necessary maintenance or repair work.

26) Keep informed of provisions of labor-management agreements their effects on departmental operations.

27) Coordinate or perform activities associated with shipping, receiving, distribution, or transportation.

28) Plan layouts of stockrooms, warehouses, or other storage areas, considering turnover, size, weight, or related factors pertaining to items stored.

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