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Technical Assistant Job Description (#9330)

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Technical Assistant Job Description (#9330)

Technical Assistant Job Description (#9330)

Technical assistant

Main job roles (career tasks):

1) Prepares culture media used to develop vaccines toxoids or to conduct chemical, microscopic, and bacteriologic tests.

2) Measures weighs ingredients, like food source, chemicals, preservatives and vitamins, to prepare growth medium, using scales, graduated flasks, syringes, pipettes and standard formulas.

3) Adjusts controls of equipment, like pumps, filters, steam kettles and autoclaves, to obtain uniform consistency of sterile medium.

4) Removes sample of medium from batch tests sample for consistency, potency, and sterility, according to standardized procedures.

5) Pours medium or adjusts controls on automatic equipment that dispenses medium into containers, like petri dishes, test tubes, or storage drums.

6) Seals containers and prepares affixes identification labels to containers.

7) Maintains production test records.

8) May mix ingredients to prepare stains used in tests..

* Other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - technical assistant - position.

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