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This data processing manager job description sample will help you to create a basic job description for employees that includes career duties and responsibilities required. View our simple job description example for data processing manager.

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Job Title

Data Processing Manager

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Directs and coordinates development production activities of data processing department.

2) Consults with management to define information requirements of management, scientists, or engineers, determine boundaries and priorities of new projects and discuss system capacity equipment acquisitions.

3) Confers with department heads involved with proposed projects to make sure cooperation further define nature of project.

4) Consults with Computer Systems Hardware Analyst profess. kin. 033.167-010 to define equipment needs.

5) Reviews project feasibility studies.

6) Establishes work standards.

7) Assigns and schedules work, or delegates work to subordinate managers supervisors, and reviews work.

8) Interprets policies, purposes, and goals of organization to subordinates.

9) Prepares progress reports to inform management of project status deviation from goals.

10) Contracts with management specialists, technical personnel, or vendors to solve problems.

11) Directs Computer Processing Scheduler clerical 221.362-030 to change computer operating schedule to meet department priorities.

12) Reviews reports of computer and peripheral equipment production, malfunctions, and maintenance to ascertain costs plan department operating changes.

13) Analyzes department workflow workers job duties to recommend reorganization or departmental realignment within company.

14) Participates in decisions concerning staffing promotions within data processing department.

15) Directs training of subordinates.

16) May prepare proposals solicit sale of systems analysis, programming, and computer services to outside firms.

17) May assist staff to diagnose solve computer equipment problems.

18) May participate in technical projects, like writing equipment specifications or developing computer programs for specified applications..

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