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Pilots Ship Job Description

This sample pilots ship job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Set ships courses that avoid reefs, outlying shoals, or other hazards, using navigational aids, like lighthouses or buoys.

2) Steer ships into or out of berths or signal tugboat captains to berth or unberth ships.

3) Prevent ships under their navigational control from engaging in unsafe operations.

4) Consult maps, charts, weather reports, or navigation equipment to define direct ship movements.

5) Give directions to crew members who are steering ships.

6) Serve as a vessels docking master upon arrival at a port or when at a berth.

7) Operate ship-to-shore radios to exchange information needed for ship operations.

8) Provide assistance in maritime rescue operations.

9) Provide assistance to vessels approaching or leaving seacoasts, navigating harbors, or docking undocking.

10) Report to appropriate authorities any violations of federal or state pilotage laws.

11) Learn to operate new technology systems procedures, through the use of instruction, simulators, or models.

12) Advise ships masters on harbor rules customs procedures.

13) Oversee cargo storage on or below decks.

14) Relieve crew members on tugs or launches.

15) Maintain or repair boats or equipment.

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