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Job Title

Accountant Cost

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Applies principles of cost accounting to conduct studies which provide detailed cost information not supplied by general accounting systems.

2) Plans study collects data to define costs of business activity, like raw material purchases, inventory and labor.

3) Analyzes data obtained records results, using computer.

4) Analyzes changes in product design, raw materials, manufacturing methods, or services provided, to define effects on costs.

5) Analyzes actual manufacturing costs prepares periodic report comparing standard costs to actual production costs.

6) Provides management with reports specifying and comparing factors affecting prices profitability of products or services.

7) May develop install manual or computer-based cost accounting system.

8) May specialize in analyzing costs relating to public utility rate schedule and be designated Rate Engineer profess. kin. .

9) May specialize in appraisal and evaluation of real property or equipment for sale, acquisition, or tax purposes for public utility and be designated Valuation Engineer profess. kin. ..

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