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Chauffeur Motorbus Job Description

This sample chauffeur motorbus job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Chauffeur Motorbus

Position Summary:

1) Drives bus to transport passengers over specified routes to local or distant points according to time schedule.

2) Assists passengers with baggage collects tickets or cash fares.

3) Regulates heating, lighting and ventilating systems for passenger comfort.

4) Complies with local traffic regulations.

5) Reports delays or accidents.

6) Records cash receipts ticket fares.

7) May make repairs change tires.

8) May inspect bus check gas, oil, and water before departure.

9) May load or unload baggage or express checked by passengers in baggage compartment.

10) May transport pupils between pickup points and school be designated Bus Driver, School .

11) May drive diesel or electric powered transit bus to transport passengers over established city route be designated Motor-Coach Driver ; Trolley-Coach Driver ..

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