Hand Laminator Job Description Duties Sample

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Sample Hand Laminator Job Description - Employee Duties

Job Title

Hand Laminator

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Cements precut laminated plastic covering materials to plywood panels to form parts, like cabinet tops, countertops, tabletops, and desktops.

2) Applies cement to surface of plywood panels, using brush.

3) Glues plastic laminated covering material to plywood panel to form part smooths surface with rollers.

4) Wipes acetone on edges of covering and panel with rag solvent to remove excess cement.

5) Examines edges of laminated part to detect ridges, and removes excess material with file or electric hand trimmer.

6) May attach metal molding trim to edges, using glue handtools.

7) May cut plastic laminated material and plywood to specified size and shape, using handtools power tools.

8) May clamp laminated plastic in place until glue sets, using clamps or vise.

9) May install laminated plastic tops on be designated Plastic-Top Installer .

10) May cover tops of kitchen and bathroom fixtures be designated Cabinet Assembler mfd.

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