Helper Steel Fabrication Job Description

Helper Steel Fabrication Job Description Template
This helper steel fabrication job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Helper Steel Fabrication

Position Summary:

1) Assists workers engaged in fabrication of structural or sheet metal products, performing any combination of following tasks.

2) Lifts, positions and removes workpieces from machines to assist in fitting welding.

3) Holds tape & rods marks reference points to assist in layout.

4) Loads, stacks, and transports stock, tools, dies, and work in process by hand or truck.

5) Attaches rope or grappling equipment to workpieces to prepare workpiece for moving by crane or jib.

6) Cleans scrapes metal preparatory to fabricating, welding, painting, or shipping, using scraping tool, abrasive, or placing in solvent bath.

7) Paints metal stocks, using paintbrush.

8) Picks up trucks scrap from work areas.

9) May be designated by trade as Ironworker Helper, Shop ; Sheet-Metal-Shop Helper .

10) Performs other duties as described under Helper Master Title..

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