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Electronics Assembler Job Description Template
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This job description (JD) describes the core job duties of electronics assembler occupation:


1) Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble electronic components, subassemblies, products, or systems.

2) Reads work orders, follows production drawings sample assemblies, or receives verbal instructions regarding duties to be performed.

3) Positions aligns parts in specified relationship to each other in jig, fixture, or other holding device.

4) Crimps, stakes, screws, bolts, rivets, welds, solders, cements, press fits, or performs similar operations to join or secure parts in place, using handtools, power tools, machines, and equipment.

5) Mounts assembled components, like transformers, resistors, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and sockets, on chassis panel.

6) Connects component lead wires to printed circuit or routes and connects wires between individual component leads and other components, connectors, terminals, and contact points, using soldering, welding, thermocompression, or related bonding procedures equipment.

7) Installs finished assemblies or subassemblies in cases cabinets.

8) Assembles attaches hardware, like caps, clamps, knobs, and switches, to assemblies.

9) Performs intermediate assembly tasks, like potting, encapsulating, sanding, cleaning, epoxy bonding, curing, stamping, etching, impregnating, and color coding parts assemblies.

10) Tends machines that press, shape, or wind component parts.

11) Adjusts or trims materials from components to achieve specified electrical or dimensional characteristics.

12) Performs on-line go-not-go testing and inspection, using magnifying devices, measuring instruments, and electronic test equipment, to make sure parts and assemblies meet production specifications standards.

13) May perform assembly operations under microscope or other magnifying device.

14) Occupations related to assembly of printed circuit boards fabrication of integrated circuit chips are defined under separate definitions..

* Other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - electronics assembler - position.

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