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Mill Operator Rolls Job Description

This sample mill operator rolls job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Mill Operator Rolls

Position Summary:

1) Sets up operates rolling mill to form sheet metal sections of various types, gauges, and lengths from coils of sheet steel according to blueprints or other specifications.

2) Verifies gauge and size of raw material against specifications, using tape measure gauge.

3) Positions & secures stock-coil on pay-out mandrel adjusts cone-brake, using handtools.

4) Spaces and adjusts mill rolls fits shims on shafts according to specifications, using gauges, rules, and handtools.

5) Sets trigger mechanism which actuates cut-off die to specified length by setting tightening setscrews.

6) Feeds end of coil onto guide table actuates shear to square end of coil.

7) Actuates controls on panel to thread lead end of coil through mill.

8) Inspects first piece for variation from rolling or length specifications makes necessary adjustments to mill.

9) Starts mill for automatic operation controls speed from control panel.

10) Adjusts valves to control flow of coolant on metal observes operation of lubrication system.

11) Patrols mill to detect jamming.

12) Inspects raw material or finished product visually or by measurement for variation from specified quality standards.

13) Records mill production on schedule sheet.

14) May train new mill operators..

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