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Range Master Job Description Example

Job Description Example:
Range Master Job Description Template
This range master job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Range Master

Position Summary:

1) Manages activities of gun club.

2) Confers with governing body and other gun clubs, organizations associations to arrange competitive shooting meets.

3) Publicizes events & club facilities to acquaint public with sport to solicit members.

4) Informs club members of coming events through bulletin notices or club paper.

5) Purchases ammunition, firearms, and supplies.

6) Sells supplies firearms to club members.

7) Coordinates events to define eligible participants, type of competition, and time meet is held.

8) Advises participants of changes in rules regulations governing meet.

9) Keeps records of expenditures, dues, and membership.

10) Enforces safety rules regulations.

11) Directs maintenance crew activities, like placing shooting targets in designated area, repairing targets, keeping yards grounds clean, and performing landscaping.

12) May instruct new members on use of firearms.

13) May act as judge in competition trap or skeet shooting meets.

14) May repair skeet trap-bird throwing machines..

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