Experimental Rocket Sled Mechanic Job Description

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Sample Experimental Rocket Sled Mechanic Job Description Profile

Job Title

Experimental Rocket Sled Mechanic


1) Installs, adjusts, and repairs recording and control instruments structural components in experimental rocket sleds according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, and test equipment.

2) Mounts instruments, like telemetering transmitter, strain gauges and cameras on sled, using portable power drill, handtools and soldering iron.

3) Inspects firing control circuits, instruments and recording systems, using test equipment, like ammeter, voltmeter and oscilloscope.

4) Adjusts test settings for hydraulic or other braking mechanism.

5) Positions and secures ballast in sled to obtain specified weight distribution balance.

6) Repairs firing control mechanisms, recording systems, and other structural and mechanical parts devices after test completion, using handtools, power tools, and welding equipment.

7) May modify rocket motors or related hardware, using metal or composite reforming tools or welding equipment..

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