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1) Manage the company overall operations including engineering procurement manufacturing quality safety and logistics working closely with the vp of engineering vp of manufacturing and vp of supply chain to build a strong profitable company.

2) Ensure that effective systems procedures and management controls are established within the functional areas of engineering manufacturing distribution supply chain materials management.

3) Develop comprehensive engineering & manufacturing strategies and programs that support the business goals in line with the business plan appropriate market growth strategies.

4) Define key performance indicators across the entire manufacturing engineering quality and supply chain process for reporting functional areas operations as a whole.

5) Develop a clear understanding of how the company technically works where the leverage points are for improvement how the company can leverage other market positions to improve shareholder value.

6) Manage relationships of sub-contractors firms outside resources.

7) Provide visible operational leadership for the company within the industrial markets.

8) Assume other special projects as directed by the president.

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