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Lead Oxide Mill Tender Job Description

Lead Oxide Mill Tender Job Description Template
This lead oxide mill tender job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Lead Oxide Mill Tender

Position Summary:

1) Tends continuous oxide mill auxiliary equipment that converts pig lead into lead oxide used in manufacture of storage battery paste.

2) Ignites furnace burner and loads pig lead into kettle that automatically melts lead & pours molten lead into machine that shapes lead into balls discharges balls into storage bin.

3) Rakes specified number of lead balls into mill that converts lead balls into lead oxide powder.

4) Observes temperature weight gauges, and turns valve to add coolant to mill as needed.

5) Opens chute to release powder into barrel when milling is completed.

6) Weighs tests powder to define percentage of oxidation, using reagents, gram scale, and other testing equipment.

7) Reprocesses powder not meeting specifications.

8) Records test results amount of lead oxide powder milled..

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