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Salesperson Hearing Aids Job Description

This sample salesperson hearing aids job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Salesperson Hearing Aids

Position Summary:

1) Fits sells hearing amplification systems to individuals in retail establishment.

2) Tests auditory system of hearing-impaired individuals, using test equipment and applying standardized evaluation procedures; or receives individuals referred by physician for fitting purchasing of hearing amplification systems.

3) Interprets & evaluates auditory test results confers with hearing-impaired individuals to demonstrate, select, fit, adapt and modify hearing amplification systems for individuals.

4) Performs other duties as described under Salesperson ; wholesale tr. Master Title.

5) May replace defective parts or make repairs to hearing amplification systems returned by customers.

6) May make impression of clients ear to facilitate shaping of hearing aid.

7) May visit homes of confined individuals to administer auditory system tests.

8) May assist individuals in aural rehabilitation methods..

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