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Froster Job Description

This sample froster job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Covers baked goods with icing, frosting, or glaze by hand.

2) Spreads icing evenly over surface of solid baked goods, using spatula.

3) Builds up layer cakes by spreading icing or filling between layers then icing outer surface.

4) Applies glaze or thin icings to sweet rolls, fruit cake, speciality breads, and other items, using brush.

5) May sprinkle chocolate chips, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, or other decorative materials over baked goods.

6) May pack iced products in cartons.

7) May be designated according to product iced as Bread Icer ; Cake Icer ; Doughnut Icer ; Pie Icer ; Roll Icer ..

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