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Stretcher Operator Job Description

This sample stretcher operator job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Stretcher Operator

Position Summary:

1) Stretches and dries household articles, like blankets, curtains, and linen tablecloths that require special treatment to protect delicate fabrics retain desired measurements, using any of following methods.

2) 1 Attaches article to projecting wires of adjustable stretcher pushes, or rotates frame on locking pivot, to position article in drying cabinet.

3) 2 Attaches curtains or blankets to horizontal frame mounted over steampipes & turns valve to allow steam to heat pipes dry articles.

4) 3 Adjusts levers to clamp and stretch drapes comforts in horizontal frame of drapery former.

5) May card brush blankets with wire-bristled handbrush to raise nap or feed blankets into carding machine.

6) May touch-up press bindings ruffles with hand iron.

7) May guide ruffles of curtains through grooved, heated rollers to fluting machine that press fluting grooves in fabric.

8) May fold stack articles..

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