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Hydraulic Governor Assembler Job Description Example

Job Description Example:
Hydraulic Governor Assembler Job Description Template
This hydraulic governor assembler job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Hydraulic Governor Assembler

Position Summary:

1) Assembles and adjusts mechanical electrical parts to construct governors for hydraulic turbines, according to specifications, using pneumatic tools, handtools, gauges, and micrometers.

2) Aligns motor mounts and motors on reservoir base marks location.

3) Removes motors & drills taps foundation holes.

4) Inserts steel pins in holes to secure motors to base.

5) Positions mechanical parts, like actuator, kaplan, oil basket, strainers, oil ramp, hydraulic cylinder, valves, and subassemblies to base inside of reservoir, to form governor unit subassembly.

6) Joins frame, doors, trim, and deck plates to assemble metal cabinet, using handtools.

7) Attaches governor unit subassembly to cabinet frame.

8) Assembles meters, gauges, indicators, switches, and control panels mounts on unit.

9) Shapes conduit for electrical lines laces electrical cables, using soldering iron to secure connections.

10) Assembles pump fits pipelines, valves, vents, and pressure lines, using plumbers tools.

11) Tests performance of completed unit for conformance to specifications.

12) Disassembles unit and crates wraps parts to prepare parts for shipping.

13) Attaches name plates, marks, and other identification on items.

14) May machine fabricate parts to complete job when drawing changes occur..

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