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Cut Off Saw Operator Metal Job Description

This sample cut off saw operator metal job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Cut Off Saw Operator Metal

Position Summary:

1) Sets up operates metal-sawing machines, like hacksaw, bandsaw, circular saw, friction saw, and rubber-disk saw to cut metal stock to dimensions.

2) Reads job order for specifications, like material, type and size of stock and dimensions to be cut.

3) Obtains transfers stock to machine, manually or with hoist.

4) Installs saw blade and sets blade tension cutting speed for specified operation.

5) Sets saw blade angle to obtain desired angle cuts, using wrench.

6) Sets stops and guides to control dimension of cut, using steel rule wrenches.

7) Positions secures stock against stops or in feeding device.

8) Turns valve to start flow of coolant against cutting area.

9) Starts machine observes operation.

10) Measures work for conformance to specifications, using rule.

11) Marks identifying data on workpiece.

12) Replaces defective cutting blade or wheel, using handtools.

13) May be required to have experience with custom or production work or with particular material, product, size of workpiece, or type or trade name of machine be designated accordingly..

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