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Sample Pumper Job Description - Employee Duties

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Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Operates power-driven pumps that transfer liquids, semiliquids, gases, or powdered materials, performing any combination of following duties.

2) Observes pressure gauges and flowmeters and adjusts valves to regulate speed of pumps & control pressure rate of flow of materials.

3) Transfers materials to from storage tanks, processing tanks, trucks, railroad cars, ships, canals and mines.

4) Pumps crude oil from wells.

5) Maintains pumps and lines by replacing filters gaskets, tightening connections, and adjusting pumps, using handtools.

6) May transfer liquids by siphoning.

7) May connect pipelines between pumps containers or storage tanks being filled or emptied.

8) May collect samples of materials for laboratory analysis.

9) May determine density of liquids, using hydrometer.

10) May record quantity of item pumped.

11) May inventory contents of storage tank, using calibrated rod, or by reading mercury gauge tank charts.

12) Usually receives verbal or written orders from superior as to amount to be pumped is not responsible for mixing or processing.

13) May be designated according to material pumped or area of work as Acid Pumper chemical ; Glycol-Service Operator plastic-synth. ; Irrigating-Pump Operator agriculture ; Tailings-Dam Pumper smelt. refin. ; Yard Pumper ..

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