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Rapid Extractor Operator Job Description Example

Job Description Example:
Rapid Extractor Operator Job Description Template
This rapid extractor operator job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Rapid Extractor Operator

Position Summary:

1) Tends centrifugal extractor that removes surplus moisture or dye from materials, like wet cloth, garments, knit goods, linens, raw fibers, or yarn.

2) Pushes loaded handtrucks or portable extractor baskets into position at machine or under hoist.

3) Lifts material from handtruck, or raises baskets, using chain or electric hoist to load extractor.

4) Distributes material uniformly in extractor baskets to balance load reduce vibration.

5) Observes tilt of portable baskets to verify balance when using hoist.

6) Closes cover starts machine.

7) Unloads materials into handtruck for transfer to subsequent work station.

8) May unload washing machines.

9) May work with raw cotton be designated Extractor Tender, Raw Stock textile .

10) May tend drying machine [Tumbler Operator laundry rel. 369.685-034].

11) May tend machine that extracts moisture from cakes of rayon or other synthetic yarn be designated Cake Wringer plastic-synth. ..

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