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Chlorine Operator Job Description

This sample chlorine operator job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Controls equipment to liquefy compress chlorine gas.

2) Ascertains demand and disposition of product equipment malfunctioning from logsheet.

3) Adjusts equipment to control temperature, pressure, vacuum, level and flow rate in refrigerating system compressors to maintain prescribed flow of gas.

4) Calculates ratio of chlorine to hydrogen, using burette other testing apparatus, and notifies production workers of deviations from specifications.

5) Meters out sulfuric acid sealant to maintain specified level in compressors, drying towers, and pumps.

6) Records operational test data, and calculates daily averages of readings on logsheet.

7) May direct workers engaged in filling of cylinders other containers.

8) May be designated according to specialized equipment controlled as Compressor Operator I; Refrigeration Operator ..

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