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1) Weaves threads or patches into fabric articles to repair holes, tears, or worn places, using weavers hand needles.

2) Cuts patch from seam or hem allowance of article, using scissors.

3) Pins article to padded block.

4) Reweaves defective area by either of following methods.

5) 1 Pulls lengthwise crosswise threads from patch.

6) Inserts ballpoint or latch needle some distance from edge of hole and interlaces it over under threads of article running perpendicular to needle, across hole or worn area, and into fabric on opposite side, following original pattern.

7) Inserts raveled thread in needle and pulls needle thread through fabric, leaving thread ends projecting from fabric.

8) Repeats interlacing of raveled threads reweaving until hole or worn area is filled.

9) Pulls strands back forth with fingers until woven part forms color or pattern design of article.

10) 2 Ravels threads from edge of hole patch, leaving frayed appearance, and pins or bastes patch under hole so that pattern matches.

11) Interlaces needle over under threads of article perpendicular to needle.

12) Inserts end of raveled patch thread and pulls needle thread through fabric.

13) Repeats process until loose raveled ends around hole are rewoven into patch.

14) Turns article over repeats process to reweave thread ends of patch into fabric of article.

15) Cuts off projecting thread ends marks repaired area with thread to facilitate inspection.

16) May press article, using steam iron or damp cloth dry iron..

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