Vermin Exterminator Job Description Duties Sample

This vermin exterminator job description sample will help you to create a basic job description for employees that includes career duties and responsibilities required. View our simple job description example for vermin exterminator.

Sample Vermin Exterminator Job Description - Employee Duties

Job Title

Vermin Exterminator

Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Sprays chemical solutions or toxic gases and sets mechanical traps to kill pests that infest buildings surrounding areas.

2) Fumigates rooms buildings, using toxic gases.

3) Sprays chemical solutions or dusts powders in rooms work areas.

4) Places poisonous paste or bait mechanical traps where pests are present.

5) May clean areas that harbor pests, using rakes, brooms, shovels, and mops, preparatory to fumigating.

6) May be required to hold state license.

7) May be designated according to type of pest eliminated as Rodent Exterminator ..

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