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Correctional Officer First Line Supervisor Job Description

This sample correctional officer first line supervisor job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Take, receive, or check periodic inmate counts.

2) Respond to emergencies, like escapes.

3) Maintain knowledge of, comply with, and enforce all institutional policies, rules, procedures, and regulations.

4) Supervise direct the work of correctional officers to make sure the safe custody, discipline, and welfare of inmates.

5) Restrain, secure, or control offenders, using chemical agents, firearms, or other weapons of force as necessary.

6) Supervise or perform searches of inmates or their quarters to locate contraband items.

7) Monitor behavior of subordinates to make sure alert, courteous, and professional behavior toward inmates, parolees, fellow employees, visitors, and the public.

8) Complete administrative paperwork or supervise the preparation or maintenance of records, forms, or reports.

9) Instruct employees or provide on-the-job training.

10) Conduct roll calls of correctional officers.

11) Supervise activities like searches, shakedowns, riot control, or institutional tours.

12) Carry injured offenders or employees to safety provide emergency first aid when necessary.

13) Supervise or provide security for offenders performing tasks, like construction, maintenance, laundry, food service, or other industrial or agricultural operations.

14) Develop work or security procedures.

15) Set up employee work schedules.

16) Resolve problems between inmates.

17) Rate behavior of inmates, promoting acceptable attitudes behaviors to those with low ratings.

18) Transfer or transport offenders on foot or by driving vehicles, like trailers, vans, or buses.

19) Examine incoming or outgoing mail to make sure conformance with regulations.

20) Convey correctional officers or inmates complaints to superiors.

21) Review offender information to identify issues that require special attention.

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