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Mechanical Ordnance Assembler Job Description

Mechanical Ordnance Assembler Job Description Template
This mechanical ordnance assembler job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Example for Mechanical Ordnance Assembler

Position Summary:

1) Assembles solid, liquid, or gas-powered mechanical and electromechanical torpedo engines according to drawings and specifications, using torque wrench handtools.

2) Reads instructions or drawings to plan assembly sequence.

3) Positions basic workpiece on workbench or clamps workpiece in floor fixture.

4) Lays out parts subassembly elements required to assemble engine.

5) Fits parts together and bolts or screws parts to basic workpiece in specified locations, using torque wrench handtools.

6) Colors each fitting after torque is applied, using felt tip pen.

7) Verifies dimensions clearances of parts to make sure conformance to written specifications, using preset gauges.

8) Confirms operation of assembled unit, using air water pressure test equipment.

9) Requests inspector approval of assembled unit before proceeding to next assembly stage.

10) Fits together subassemblies, like fuel pumps gear trains, according to drawings or instructions, using handtools, and bolts subassemblies to specified positions on unit..

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