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Printed Circuit Boards Router Job Description

This sample printed circuit boards router job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Printed Circuit Boards Router

Position Summary:

1) Operates routing machine to cut shape individual printed circuit boards Pcbs according to specifications.

2) Positions secures Pcbs between dies or on templates.

3) Positions secured Pcb on router platform to align connector edges with machine cutter.

4) Adjusts cutter spindle, using wrenches, and installs cutter of specified size on spindle.

5) Flips switch to activate routing machine.

6) Turns calibrated dials on routing machines to specified markings on dials to adjust milling dimensions of router.

7) Manually guides edges of board against cutter to rout connector edges.

8) Measures dimensions of board, using vernier calipers, to verify that board is routed according to specifications.

9) Separates dies or removes template from Pcb.

10) May operate shearing machine to separate Pcb from panels.

11) May operate slotting machine to mill slots in Pcbs..

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