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Optometric Assistant Job Description

This sample optometric assistant job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Optometric Assistant

Position Summary:

1) Performs any combination of following tasks to assist Optometrist medical ser 079.101-018.

2) Obtains records patients preliminary case history.

3) Maintains records, schedules appointments, performs bookkeeping, correspondence and filing.

4) Prepares patient for vision examination; assists in testing for near far acuity, depth perception, macula integrity, color perception, and visual field, utilizing ocular testing apparatus.

5) Instructs patient in care use of glasses or contact lenses.

6) Works with patient in vision therapy.

7) Assists patient in frame selection.

8) Adjusts repairs glasses.

9) Modifies contact lenses.

10) Maintains inventory of materials cleans instruments.

11) Assists in fabrication of eye glasses or contact lenses..

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