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Photographer Photoengraving Job Description

This sample photographer photoengraving job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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» Sample for Photographer Photoengraving

Position Summary:

1) Sets up operates camera to photograph drawings, sketches, or other material to produce negatives for transfer to printing plates, rollers, or printed circuit boards.

2) Mounts copy on holder, aligning centerline on copy with centerline on holder.

3) Studies copy order sheet for defining photographic techniques required to transfer desired effect onto film, according to plate or roller dimensions, type of design, colors in design and engraving requirements.

4) Computes camera settings required to reproduce sketch to specified scale according to dimensions of printing plates or rollers.

5) Focuses camera, compensating for difference in size distortions in copy.

6) Measures opening in back of camera to verify settings, using steel tape.

7) Positions film on vacuum board, closes board against back of camera, and locks board in position.

8) Arranges arc lamps for even distribution of light exposes film for specified length of time.

9) Removes exposed film from camera develops film in series of developing, rinsing, and fixing baths, or using automatic film processing equipment.

10) Compares developed film with design to define whether desired effect has been reproduced.

11) When producing negatives for halftone printing, inserts screen in front of film to reduce copy to dots for reproduction.

12) When producing multicolor prints, fits color filters over lens.

13) May process sensitized metal plates for subsequent etching [Photoengraving Printer print. pub. ]..

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