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Freight And Cargo Inspector Job Description

This sample freight and cargo inspector job description shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Position Summary:

1) Prepare submit reports after completion of freight shipments.

2) Advise crews in techniques of stowing dangerous heavy cargo.

3) Observe loading of freight to make sure that crews comply with procedures.

4) Recommend remedial procedures to correct any violations found during inspections.

5) Inspect loaded cargo, cargo lashed to decks or in storage facilities, and cargo handling devices to define compliance with health and safety regulations need for maintenance.

6) Measure ships holds and depths of fuel and water in tanks, using sounding lines tape measures.

7) Notify workers of any special treatment required for shipments.

8) Direct crews to reload freight or to insert additional bracing or packing as necessary.

9) Check temperatures and humidities of shipping storage areas to make sure that they are at appropriate levels to protect cargo.

10) Determine cargo transportation capabilities by reading documents that set forth cargo loading securing procedures, capacities, and stability factors.

11) Read draft markings to define depths of vessels in water.

12) Issue certificates of compliance for vessels without violations.

13) Write certificates of admeasurement that list details like designs, lengths, depths, and breadths of vessels, and methods of propulsion.

14) Calculate gross and net tonnage, hold capacities, volumes of stored fuel water, cargo weights, and ship stability factors, using mathematical formulas.

15) Post warning signs on vehicles containing explosives or flammable or radioactive materials.

16) Measure heights widths of loads to make sure they will pass over bridges or through tunnels on scheduled routes.

17) Time rolls of ships, using stopwatches.

18) Determine types of licenses and safety equipment required, and compute applicable fees like tolls wharfage fees.

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