Maintenance Engineer Application Letter

Maintenance Engineer Application Letter Template
This free maintenance engineer application letter sample helps you to learn how to create a template, format and write an engageable message for presenting your desire in this job. View our simple career example.

Sample Maintenance Engineer Application Letter


[ Sender name ]
[ Sender address: city, state, zip code ]
[ Sender tel. / cell phone numbers ]
[ Sender email ]

[ Recruiter title/name ]
[ Recruiter job position ]
[ Organization name ]
[ Organization full address ]

Dear [ Title/Name ]:

I'm interested in working for your [ company/organization name ] as "maintenance engineer", my complete resume would be sent upon your request.

Listed below a brief of my work experience including duties and responsibilities:

Job Title: Maintenance Engineer, Company: New Line Inc

Responsibilities were to:

1) Perform repairs listed on work orders

2) Maintain the work orders as a record of work completed

3) Make repairs in a timely professional manner

4) Perform preventative maintenance other tasks as assigned

5) Perform scheduled maintenance inspections repairs

6) Ensure proper completion of work that may need to be accomplished by outside vendors

7) Ensure fire safety equipment

8) Notify Manager when major repairs are needed

9) Ensure that maintenance tools are in good working condition as well as stored neatly securely in the maintenance room

10) Maintain monthly tool inventory records

I do appreciate your time taken to review my application letter.

Thanks and best regards

[ Sender/your name ]

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