Production Assistant Application Letter

Production Assistant Application Letter Template
This free production assistant application letter sample helps you to learn how to create a template, format and write an engageable message for presenting your desire in this job. View our simple application letter for production assistant example.

Sample Production Assistant Application Letter


[ Sender name ]
[ Sender address: city, state, zip code ]
[ Sender tel. / cell phone numbers ]
[ Sender email ]

[ Recruiter title/name ]
[ Recruiter job position ]
[ Organization name ]
[ Organization full address ]

Dear [ Title/Name ]:

I'm interested in working for your [ company/organization name ] as "production assistant", my complete resume would be sent upon your request.

Listed below a brief of my work experience including duties and responsibilities:

Job Title: Production Assistant, Company: New Line Inc

Responsibilities were to:

1) Assist fellow staff in all phases of book production including editing, art creation, composition, proofreading, indexing, and also proof trafficking

2) Schedule track progress of manuscripts, art/photos plus permissions using a variety of software packages from development through production

3) Manage projects, including meeting deadlines & working within budget constraints, as circumstances experience allow

4) With supervision from manager, negotiate with vendors as well as create plus adhere to budgets schedules, while creating high-quality products

5) Prepare supplementary materials for print or electronic use

6) Proofread for accuracy content

7) Photocopy, scan, or file/archive paperwork other project-related materials

8) Track process invoices

9) Ensure consistent as well as timely communication with editorial, marketing, photo research, and also design departments as well as with authors vendors

I do appreciate your time taken to review my application letter.

Thanks and best regards

[ Sender/your name ]

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